Babe in Toyland (Documentary) 

A Film by Nila Onda.

'A modern day Dorian Gray parable set in London Fashion Babylon.'

Valer is a wannabe male supermodel. Three years into his profession and still waiting for the big break. His career is at a crucial point. Elo has already played with the big timers and now he's ready to move on. Not an easy transition for either of them.

From New York mechanic to international campaign model, from star of the catwalk to his next venture as a designer, Elo gives insights into his unique take of life while Valer, blinded by the limelight struggles to gain exposure and make his dream of stardom come true.

Photographic sets, fashion shows and social events become arenas for collision of egos and controversial views on the internal politics of the fashion industry.

After a series of dead-end jobs, haunted by the spectre of failure, Valer starts to question his eager ambitions but things take an unexpected positive turn when he is chosen by Adel Rootstein, world leading mannequin makers, for their new high end collection. A unique opportunity to raise his profile, the big shot he'd been waiting for.