Notes from a Concertist's Diary

Fluctuating in the gap between art and life, Noemi reveals her hidden desires, revisits memories and indulges in the mysteries of the self. 

We compose and perform our own score with the intangible sound of emotions. Our inner music plays below the level of consciousness, it propagates through our being defining our self expression and true identity. 

Secret Chords

"Yearning to escape far from what has been and always will be. Uncertainty lives with us...wherever on the score of our lives..." Noemi Lusi, Rome 2016.

Ghost Fugue

"I tune into elusive sounds that echo personal frequencies - seven drops of future sliding away like notes in a passionate crescendo." Noemi Lusi, Rome 2016.


"An accidental self encounter transports me into unexplored soundscapes, in random places I discover unexpected melodic styles." Noemi Lusi, Rome 2016.


"Vibrations of intense past remembrances, everlasting sonorities, warm shadows oscillating among footsteps of a lifetime." Noemi Lusi, Rome 2016.

Private Prelude

"Thoughts never leave our mind, notes of the written path of our existence. No perceivable sound, just an impulse waiting to erupt." Noemi Lusi, Rome 2016.

Longing in E Minor

"Lost in the act of sensing, awaiting for some lively spark in search of eternal harmony." Noemi Lusi, Rome 2016.